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What is Science Academy?

    The Fraser Heights Science Academy is a joint venture with Simon Fraser University in which students will have the opportunity to enroll in University chemistry or computer science courses while still in secondary school. The goal of the program is to strengthen and develop the student's foundations and concepts so that they may excel in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) fields in University and beyond.

    Consistent to 21st Century learning we feel that the process of doing science is more important than remembering scientific facts. One of the concerns expressed by Universities is that many students entering the field of Science do not have the ability to transfer knowledge outside of the classroom. As a result they often don’t see the connections between mathematics and science. Furthermore, many secondary students that take university equivalent courses like AP Chemistry or AP Physics have acquired scientific facts but in most cases they don’t have the scientific skills essential for sucess in a University course. For this reason, Fraser Heights Integrated Mathematics and Science Academy has come up with a model that aims to address these concerns.

Goals of the Program

  • Promoting a community of learners to engage in creative and meaningful questions in the field of mathematics and science.
  • An opportunity for students to better appreciate the process of acquiring scientific knowledge.
  • Allowing students to inquire, seek answers and defend their findings by effectively communicating their ideas.

Advantages to the Program

  • Integration of topics between Mathematics and Science.
  • Compressed Curriculum (more courses in a smaller amount of time).
  • Opportunity to work with other students interested in Mathematics and Science.
  • Field trips and work experience placements related to Sciences.
  • An opportunity to take University courses and attain University credit.
  • An opportunity to develop laboratory skills at the University.
  • To learn some Science concepts with an open inquiry approach.
  • The use of technology to help students model the scientific process
  • Introduction to basic coding and design